Dead At 27 – The Forever 27 Club Of Musicians Who Died

Forever 27 – what does it mean? The phrase refers to a strange phenomenon that raises eyebrows, interests and inspires the conspiracy buffs, and stimulates the imagination of all music lovers and celebrity followers – a long list of famous musicians who died at 27 years of age.

Apparently some mysterious force out there in the universe has set its sights on musicians who reach the magic age, and death rains down on them. Or maybe it’s all just a huge coincidence. Many of these musicians died by their own hand or involuntarily as a result of substance abuse, but just as many of their lives end in tragic accidents, and some died through foul play. However their passing happened, the amazing truth is that they all met their death at 27.

Forever 27

Forever 27

Scott Lobaido

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These are the members of a club of sorts, known as the Forever 27 Club. The name implies that since they left the earth at that age, that is how they are forever remembered, but it also gives the impression that they are out there in the cosmos somewhere, remaining forever twenty seven years of age, for all of eternity. It’s a comforting thought, but a little creepy too…

Here we will explore everything we can turn up about the forever 27 club, what it means, what some of the hypotheses explaining it might be (like the 27 club jinx theory), and of course the members themselves. These are fascinating people, and they range from the world-famous – like Kurt Cobain – to the semi-obscure – Robert Johnson – to the really unknown (you’ll find out). All of them have a story, and for many of them the story goes on, because they are just as popular today as the day they died. This is a place for those stories, and a place that will help them to live on, for old fans and new.

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