Famous Musicians And The 27 Club Jinx – Or Curse?

What is a jinx or a curse? It’s a supernatural idea that has its origins in the worlds of black magic, sorcery, and voodoo, and has a long tradition in many cultures. The basic idea is that a human with special powers, a spirit entity, or a vaguely evil force of some kind develops a problem with some person. The reasons might range from infidelity, or theft, to wanting another person dead in revenge.

In the case of the alleged 27 club jinx, a person has come to the attention of evil powers that exist in the cosmos and who keep a watchful eye on humanity. It might be a meteoric rise to fame and fortune, as in the case of Amy Winehouse. Or it might be a less famous person who has been praised by peers and has an unusual talent on an instrument or as a singer – like Robert Johnson. It may simply be someone who has had a moderate amount of success and is well-known in a smaller circle – but may have gained that position in an unsavory way, or maybe not. Certainly there are members of the forever 27 club who appear to have done nothing to deserve their fate.

So the target of the jinx dies, in an accident, through suicide, or as the victim of a crime. Why would this person become the target? One theory comes from the ancient Greek idea of hubris.  As we interpret hubris in modern terms, it is essentially an unwarranted and excessive pride, coupled with the arrogance and sense of being above the law that usually accompanies it. We can certainly look at a celebrity’s life and see if there is evidence of such an attitude. But the result of having hubris in the curse theory is that you are punished by the gods, and your life ends due to their judgement.

Another explanation for why a person becomes the target of the jinx is that he or she is simply a dropout in the school of life, a failure whose time on earth has to come to a close. This person has crossed the line too many times and has hurt people, or taken advantage of people, or been a bad person in some way that perhaps very few others even are aware of – but the powers that exist are aware, and don’t like it.

Aleister Crowley, the famous satanist and pre-rock rock star, lived by the dictum that “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” or in other words, you can do anything you want to do and there is no punishment waiting. But clearly there is the possibility that a person has some characteristic or quality that attracts negative energy, and by doing so attracts the attention of malevolent powers. And these forces then put the consequences of the jinx into effect, ending the life of the person in question.

On the other hand, if there is really no need for a logical explanation, then we may as well believe that there is, by pure random bad luck, a jinx existing out there in the cosmos targeting the unsuspecting young celebrity. Overall the theory that members of the club die at 27 because of a curse or jinx is a good one – if you don’t over think it. It does overcome a major problem in other theories – the varying ways that members have died. But we still find a major flaw in the theory, or maybe it’s basic common sense: why is death at 27 the result of the jinx – why not 26 or 28? In the future we plan to take a look at famous people who have died near the age of 27 and see if they have anything in common with 27 club members, but for now, we’ll advance the theory that it could be a curse that explains the phenomenon – why not?

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