Forever 27 – Who Is The Next Musician Member Of The Club?

I recently got to wondering who would be the next member of the 27 club, after a talk with some friends. Who will be the next famous rock star to die at 27 and become a member of this exclusive and mysterious group? The last really big star who met her death at 27 was Amy Winehouse, but there is bound to be another coming along. We thought about it and decided it might be a good idea to come up with a list of possibilities.

First, we would list any famous rocker that was under 28 years old.  Our definition of famous would have to be formulated – something like having had at least 1 song in the top 100 and having been the subject of a promo piece on Entertainment Weekly’s website. Then we would investigate that person’s habits, record for getting into trouble, personal problems, and so on.

From that data we would come up with a rating from 1 to 100, with 100 being a perfect score on the likelihood scale, and 1 being the least likely. We would eliminate people from the list once they passed their 28th birthday and were still among the living. We could even set up a a website of our own that would let other people contribute ideas based on our ratings system. then we could take wagers on who would be next to join the forever 27 club.

Then we realized that it would be a lot of work for maybe nothing and that it would be easier to just hear about the news of the newest Forever 27 list member, and be surprised. So we scrapped the whole idea for now, but if you decide to do it, just remember I called it a long time ago. I’ll expect a cut of the earnings.

As for musicians under 27, take care of yourselves…we would prefer the list never adds a new member.

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