Musicians Dead At 27 – Looking For Patterns In The Number

We humans love to see patterns in our lives and in the world around us. We love to observe something, then see it again, then see a connection of some kind between the two events. Those of us who are religious and believe in a god who intervenes in our lives see evidence of an invisible hand guiding our actions and those of others according to a planned pattern. Much of descriptive science is about looking for patterns of behavior in the natural world, which become ways to explain why things happen the way they do.

Even if the pattern can be explained in a logical, mundane, ordinary way, we like to associate it with mystery and the unknown. It’s thrilling and inspiring to think that there is something in the universe that takes an interest in our affairs and connects the dots behind our backs and behind the curtain. Is the forever 27 club one of those webs that is designed and carried out under the surface of our perceived world, something slightly sinister and yet inherently appealing?

Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t, but there are many possible explanations for why so many musical celebrities die at 27 years old. If there is a pattern, then we want to know why it exists – another way of saying why does it happen. The mind first goes to the number itself: is there anything special about the number 27?

According to the mystic and Christian theologian Jakob Boehme, the number 27 is known as the death number. Ancient Greek philosophy, in a complex system that used numbers to explain the universe, proposed that 27 represented the process of the soul being reabsorbed into its creator. The final book in the New Testament, the 27th, is the Revelation of St. John, whose feast day is December 27.

For numerologists, the number is absolutely important because it is 3 (a basic building block of the cosmos) to the 3rd power. Apparently 27 is an important number, and meaningful patterns can perhaps be extracted from these ideas, but the question remains – why does death occur at 27 for a certain group of people? There are many other theories that attempt to answer this question, and we will explore them as time goes by.

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