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Jim And Robin Of “One Less Karen”

Jim and Robin are two musicians who have long since passed the opportunity to be in the 27 club. Meaning, they’re too old, but they’re not quite famous enough either. Not that they don’t try – since 1997 they have been writing their own songs and performing as One Less Karen.

Since 2009 they have been living the full-time rv life, simple style as well, with the help of a large black dog and a large cow-colored cat named Spot, who has his own blog.

Jim is so old that (Robin jokes that she was an embryo during this time) he actually saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, and the Doors in concert in 1968 at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, and they were pretty scary. Back then, there were no video screens, and the lighting was subdued at best, so at times it was hard to tell what was going on up there on the tiny stage. But Morrison was at his apocalyptic best and so were the band, and the drama of the whole show was overwhelming.

Jim has been a life-long music lover and doesn’t just listen to classics like the Doors and Hendrix, but he even knows who Skrillex is, and Amy Winehouse is on his mp3 hard drive. Robin says he lives and breathes music of all genres…a walking encyclopedia of any musical trivia question one might have.

Robin is also a music lover and musician from way back. She remembers playing Elton John records over and over while memorizing the lyrics, as her friends would play ball, jump rope and other “childish” things – this was back before the Internet, for all you kids out there reading this. She is a fan of many of the 27 club members and their bands, and appreciates the fascination of the club and why people are interested in it.

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