Blake Fielder Civil In Coma Close To Anniversary Of Amy Winehouse Death

Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, is in a coma and connected to life support systems in a hospital in London. He had apparently been drinking and using drugs over the last few days. He was found by his current girlfriend and mother of his son, non-responsive and comatose, and an overdose of heroin and or morphine is the suspected cause of his current medical condition.

Blake is 29 years old, and had been married to Winehouse for 2 years from 2007 to 2009. He was recently released from jail after serving 32 months for robbery and possessing a fake gun. He had been in rehabilitation for his substance abuse, where he met his fiance, and was reportedly making progress in his efforts to be free of addiction. Speculation in the press after hearing this news has been rampant that Fielder-Civil was despondent after the one-year anniversary of Winehouse’s death at 27 years of age from apparent alcohol poisoning and drug overdose last July.

In Amy’s father’s recent book on the life of his daughter, he unflinchingly blamed Fielder-Civil for introducing her to a life of drug use, ultimately causing her death last year. And he himself admitted as much in interviews, seemingly recognizing the impact of his actions at the time. He has also reportedly been planning a tell-all book of his own about his relationship with Winehouse, and a legal action that would contest her will, claiming that he should have a share in her estate.

Amy Winehouse was the most recent member of the forever 27 club who was a well-known celebrity – there have been more members since her death in 2011. She was not only a critically respected songwriter and singer, but was a darling of the tabloids and gossip columns because of her tendencies to be publicly wild and engaging in attention-seeking behavior. Her marriage to Fielder-Civil was a tumultuous 2 years of being on the world stage for various arrests, drunken club incidents and canceled concerts.

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