Latest 27 Club Member – Amy Winehouse Death 2011 – How She Died

Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011 from alcohol poisoning, though official cause of death by the coroner was misadventure. She was a worldwide and controversial celebrity, and a talented singer and songwriter. She was the first female from England to be awarded 5 Grammys in one ceremony. She died at 27 years and 312 days old.

Most of the information we have about the details surrounding her death come from her bodyguard. He reported that a few days prior to her death she had been drinking enough to appear drunk, and this behavior apparently continued. On the day she died he saw her in the early morning hours entertaining herself while watching television and playing music.

He reported that he checked on her later that morning and found her sleeping in her bedroom. After unsuccessfully trying to awaken her, he let her sleep, knowing that sleeping in after a party night was a regular occurrence. When he came back in the early afternoon he noticed she had not moved and found no pulse or breathing. He called for help, and she was pronounced dead after ambulances arrived.

Later it was revealed that police had found a substantial number of vodka bottles in her bedroom. The inquest report stated that when she died she had more than 5 times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood, a finding that led to her unintended death. The ruling was that she died by misadventure, a legal term that essentially means by accident, with no evidence that she meant to end her life or that there was any foul play involved.

Amy’s body was cremated after a funeral service held on July 26, 2011. Her remains are interred in the cemetery of Edgwarebury Lane north of London. She had no will at the time of her death at 27, and her parents were the sole inheritors of her estate.

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