Brian Jones Children – Parents, Paternity, Pitiful Biography

Brian Jones, founder of the Rolling Stones and prominent member of the forever 27 club, was born in 1942, and fathered his first child when he was 16. At least 3 of his known children were born before he became a Rolling Stone, and the other 2 shortly after. He died in 1969, and had been a womanizer and ladies man for most of his adult life, so it is not hard to imagine that there are other Brian Jones progeny in the world, but we’ll never know the actual number. The Stones were well known for picking up girls (birds, they were called) and bedding them as often as possible – Bill Wyman, who kept a meticulous journal, claims to have had sex with at least 1,000 women before he settled down. No doubt Brian Jones was a close competitor for the number of birds bagged crown, and the use of birth control was not exactly a common thing in those days.

Jones never got married and was never engaged formally to a woman that we know of, and his name was not on the birth certificates of the 5 children that are known. His method of dealing with the claims against him was simply to deny all knowledge of the woman and the child in question, and without DNA testing there was no way to say scientifically otherwise. But there was other evidence for him being the father in a couple of the cases, because a small sum changed hands in return for ceasing the pursuit.

His first child was a boy whose name is not known. His mother, a schoolgirl from Cheltenham named Valerie, gave birth to him in 1959. The infant was given up for adoption and raised by the adopters. His second child was a daughter, and once again her name has gone unrecorded. This time the mother was a married woman from Cheltenham who gave birth to the girl in 1960. It is not known if this child ever knew her parentage. Another Cheltenham girl  (Brian must have been quite popular in that town) named Pat Andrews bore him a son who was named Julian Mark, born in 1961. Julian Brian (Brian allegedly asked the women to name the children after Julian “Cannonball” Adderly, a jazz musician) came into the world in 1964, born to  Linda Lawrence. Finally (that we know about) 1965 brought along John, a son born to Dawn Molloy and also put up for adoption.

One paternity suit that we know of was brought against Brian Jones by Linda Lawrence, mother of Julian Brian. Jones apparently paid her off to drop the legal action, and he never had contact with her or the boy again. Linda went on to marry the Scottish folk-rocker Donovan. After word of this sequence of events got out, Pat Andrews, mother to Julian Mark, brought a similar paternity suit against Brian Jones in 1966. She had evidence in the form of a letter that Jones had written for a collection agency describing his current “fiance” and their as yet unborn child, claiming they planned to keep it. The judge in the suit awarded the mother a small weekly sum for support, which went unpaid after Jones’ death.

None of Brian Jones’ illegitimate children have received any part of his fortune after his death. While he was in debt at that point, the royalties and earnings from his recordings would have made his children financially comfortable at least. But his parents, who still receive the benefits of his work, have not shared the wealth with any of his rightful heirs.

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