How Did Jimi Hendrix Die, Making Him A 27 Club Member?

Jimi Hendrix died on the 18th of September in 1970. He was 27 years and 295 days old. Hendrix was a pioneer on the electric guitar, playing in ways no one had done before. He was also the singer and songwriter in his groups the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Band of Gypsys. The official cause of his death was asphyxiation, but there are doubts about the exact circumstances of his death at 27.

Hendrix was found on the morning of September 18 dead in his apartment at the Samarkand Hotel in Notting Hill by his girlfriend, Monika Dannemann. He may have died before midnight on the 17th, but an exact determination wasn’t possible due to inept handling by the medical examiner, who was later removed from his position. There are conflicting stories about how, when and where Hendrix died, but he was found to have Vesperax, a prescription sleeping pill, in his bloodstream, and possibly a very small amount of alcohol. The fact that he drowned in his own vomit – asphyxiated – does not appear to be in question.

Hendrix’s body was flown to Seattle Washington, and he was buried in Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton. His marker has been replaced several times, but now a large granite dome is at his grave where he is joined by his father Al, in addition to other relatives.

As for Monika Dannemann, she lived a tumultuous life as a semi-celebrity, songwriter, and artist until she committed suicide at the age of 50 after a libel case was brought against her – a case which focused on Hendrix’ death and her role in it.

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