Forever 27 – Kurt Cobain Age At Death Makes Him A Club Member

Kurt Cobain died at 27 years and 44 days old, on April 5, 1994, of a self-inflicted shotgun blast. His body was not discovered until 3 days later when a power department employee saw him lying in a small greenhouse located above the garage at his home on Lake Washington, near Seattle.

The official police report stated that the singer, songwriter and guitarist for Nirvana was found with a shotgun lying across his chest. He had a visible wound on the head that was caused by the shotgun, and there was a long handwritten letter found in the greenhouse that the report called a suicide note. The King County coroner’s report stated that 2 punctures, presumably from a needle used to administer heroin, were found on Cobain’s  arms, and there was a substantial amount of the drug in his bloodstream. The report is also the source of the estimated time of his death.

There have been many conspiracy theories and questions surrounding Kurt’s death – with some believing he was murdered, not committing suicide at all.

A public vigil for Cobain was held on April 10 at Seattle Center, attended by several thousand mourning fans. Cobain’s body was cremated, but his ashes were not scattered until 5 years later near Olympia Washington at a private ceremony held by his mother.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Rock Star 22×34 POSTER

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