Nicole Bogner: Former Visions of Atlantis Singer Dead At 27

On January 6, 2012 the family of Nicole Bogner announced that she had passed away after a long battle with an undisclosed severe illness. She died at 27 years of age, thus qualifying her as the latest member of the forever 27 club of musicians who tragically met their demise at the same age.

She had been the lead female vocalist in an Austrian band calling themselves Visions Of Atlantis. Fronting the band with the male lead singer Mario Plank, she sang in a powerful operatic style that was put to good effect on the band’s demos and on their first 2 albums – Eternal Endless Infinity, and Cast Away. Bogner recorded and toured with Visions of Atlantis from 2000 until 2005 when she left the group and was replaced by other singers. The band has continued to record and has a large following.

Visions of Atlantis is a symphonic power metal band,  a genre of metal that features a reliance on rhythm and keyboards rather than distorted guitars, and the use of orchestral sounds to give the music an epic sweep. Having female and male vocals further distinguishes this style of music from other metal, as does the actual singing of the vocalists as opposed to screaming or growling. The lyrics are in an epic mythical fantasy mode, and are more important since they are more intelligible in this genre. Other bands mining the same vein are Nightwish and Sonata Arctica.

In an early interview promoting the release of Cast Away, Nicole exhibited a girlish charm and enthusiasm over her work i and the band’s finished product. She said that their goal had been to unite the joyful with the melancholic, while creating a link in the listener from modern times to the mythical and pre-history shores of the fabled land of Atlantis. She truly created and sang to transport the listener to a space and time beyond the confines of the present. With her death at 27, she has passed on to that place.

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